Glitzkoin GTN Up 50%, Token Review


With the successful completion of the ICO, the GTN token is currently trading on the Stellarterm Exchange. The trading activity of the token can be monitored on the STELLARTERM GTN TRADE resource. Just to recap, the ICO had a closing price of $0.20 per token. As the development of the DiaEx Diamond Exchange platform cruises on schedule, the token continues to maintain an impressive price range.


The crypto world continues to show a keen interest in the GTN token months after, the ICO was successfully completed in June 2018. The efficiency with which the DiaEx Diamond Exchange (DiaEx) is moving through the development phase, is one of the main reasons for the positive mood. Scheduled to reach the testing phase in Oct 2018, the DiaEx should be fully implemented within the last quarter of 2018. Crypto enthusiasts should take, specific interest in the launching of the GLITZKOIN Diamond Exchange. Operating as a full fledged B2B and B2C diamond trading platform, the exchange will use the GTN token to settle payments. This obviously means that, the demand for the token will come from not one but two, active sources. While crypto world participants will trade on the exchange, diamond traders will also buy tokens to pay for their diamond purchases.


GLITZKOIN is based on Stellar infrastructure the GTN token is therefore traded on the Stellar marketplace. GTN tokens can be purchased using Stellar XLM tokens. You would first need to use an exchange like Binance to purchase XLM tokens. The next step is to choose an independent client to trade the GTN token. Use this client to create a wallet to hold the GTN tokens. Transfer 2 XLM tokens into the wallet to activate it, this makes the wallet ready for use. You would now get your very own ‘private key’ to the wallet. Keep this key safe and away from everyone else, you would need it every time that you login in or trade your tokens. The next step would be to accept the GTN asset into your wallet.

The link below will take you through the entire process and includes, screenshots to better explain each step.